Why Barbie Isn’t a Terrible Role Model

Why Barbie isn't a Terrible Role Model

Barbie gets a bad rap from grown-ups because that don’t understand what little girls instinctively know: Barbie is a 3D paper doll, full stop. And that’s the crux of why Barbie isn’t a terrible role model: She isn’t a role model at all.  I learned a lot from Barbie playing with Barbies, but none of Read More

Websites to Help Dads with Daughters

Websites to Help Dads with Daughters

These are sites with advice specifically for daughters, and for parents raising daughters. There aren’t a lot right now, but more will be added as we find them. Advice for my Daughter: A mom’s advice for her daughter, and to inspire other little girls to be all that they can be. Doyin Richards: He’s a Read More