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Websites to Help Dads with Daughters

Websites to Help Dads with Daughters

These are sites with advice specifically for daughters, and for parents raising daughters. There aren’t a lot right now, but more will be added as we find them.

  • Advice for my Daughter: A mom’s advice for her daughter, and to inspire other little girls to be all that they can be.
  • Doyin Richards: He’s a bald dad with two little girls who isn’t afraid to talk about the challenges of daughters and their haircare.
  • Everyday Girl Dad: Exploring, and hopefully changing, ideas around what it means to be one of many dads to daughters.
  • Girl Scouts: I love Scouting and make no apologies for it.
  • A Mighty Girl: The world’s largest collection of books, toys and movies for smart, confident, and courageous girls.


The Wise Mom (Liz Long) and the Wise Dad have two sons, who are in 10th and 6th grades as of 2017-18. She has published half a dozen books including "The Constitution: It's the OS for the US", a YA zombie series, and a series on survival skills (including laundry, hygiene, and budgeting, as well as outdoor and emergency skills). She also blogs on TheModerateMom.com and contributes to TheSurvivalMom.com.

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