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Other Sites for Dads

Other Sites for Dads

These sites have great ideas for dads but they aren’t parenting sites.

  • A Beautiful Bookshelf: A blog about good books for young readers.
  • Allergy Free Afternoon Tea (Pea Fritters): Navigating food allergies can be hard. This mom aims to make it easier for other parents with lots of allergen-free recipes and tips.
  • The Anxiety Adventure: Because a lot of us have a lot of anxiety and it’s good to know we aren’t alone.
  • C.R. Rowenson: A website about magic, just because it’s cool.
  • Experience Addicts: Technically, this is a bit of a stretch, but I love that the blogger is encouraging people to try new things, something we all need to do with our kids.
  • Great Gaming Blog: There are lots of game-review blogs out there, but this one includes the whole family. Yep, Mom, Dad, and the kids are all involved in reviewing all kinds of games (video, board, card, role-playing and more).
  • Kids Travel Books and Simple Family Travel: The littler they are, the more help we need for travel.
  • Maker Hacks: Ideas, news, and tutorials for makers and hackers.
  • Own-Up Grown-Up: This is a blog for millennials who want to reach their goals and improve their own lives, especially by taking responsibility and acting like an adult.
  • Simply Curiosity: This is a new blog to help college students with their organizational abilities and study habits.
  • Steve Biddulph: Books and more on raising happy kids, by a dad.
  • The Survival┬áMom: All kind so information for families on preparing for emergencies. (Full disclosure: The Wise Mom is a writer for SM and has been for years.)
  • Tropical Life, Food, and Fun: Thoughts on parenting and other subjects from a retired mom.
  • Walking Dead Life Lessons: Because using a popular TV show and comic can be a great way to explain stuff to your kids.

Parenting is tough. Hopefully these resources will make things just a little bit easier for you.


The Wise Mom and the Wise Dad have two sons, who are currently in middle and high school. She has published half a dozen books including "The Constitution: It's the OS for the US", a YA zombie series, and a series on survival skills (including laundry, hygiene, and budgeting, as well as outdoor and emergency skills). She also blogs on TheModerateMom.com and contributes to TheSurvivalMom.com.

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