The Fourth of July is a big patriotic holiday in the US, but it isn’t the only one. The National Park Service has a ton of great activities, many of them free, at the National Parks, and in the US, fourth graders can go free and take the whole family with them (also free). State and county parks also often have free or inexpensive special events, especially during the summer. If you are on vacation, check out the government-funded parks wherever you are visiting. Some of them are spectacular.

National Parks ROCK!

National Parks Rock!

What do you and your family like to do? There’s a National Park for that! Your specific answer really doesn’t matter because there are hundreds of national parks for every possible interest, and they each have special events that cater to even more special interests. I grew up going to national parks and historical sites Read more

Getting Started Hiking as a Family

Getting Started Hiking as a Family

The Wise Dad and I both used to be active, but we’ve become more sedentary over the years. We both want to be more active and healthy (and lose weight), and we want our kids to be active and healthy so we’re trying to get more active, including hiking as a family. Going to the Read more