Quick Tips

Cardboard Castles for Kids and Cats

Cardboard boxes. In our home, they are like some kind of fungus that reproduces and spreads everywhere when no one is looking. The adults try to recycle them as fast as possible but the kids and cats want to keep them. What’s a parent to do? Turn them into cardboard castles! If you have large Read More

Cards Against Humanity and Teens

I don’t know if you’ve seen or heard about this card game but “Cards Against Humanity” is billed (on the box) as “a party game for horrible people.” Our teen wants this game and he’s not alone in that. There is no chance – zero – of us giving it to him as shipped but Read More

Kindness Challenge

Some kids were seemingly born kind. Then there’s the other 98%. The organization Kids for Peace has a Kindness Challenge. The goal is to simply be kinder to those around us. I love the idea! See what your family can come up with or try one of these suggestions. Compliment someone. Talk to someone who looks lonely. Do Read More

Stranger Danger: Who to Ask For Help

Stranger Danger: Who to Ask for Help

We all know to teach kids about “stranger danger” when they are little, but do they really know what to do if they need help and they can’t find someone they know and trust? Telling them to “find help” is really easy, but actually talking to an adult and asking them for help is not Read More

Building Good Dental Habits

Building Good Dental Habits

Just lay the foundation. That’s all you can do. Do our kids have great technique with brushing and flossing? Honestly, do any kids? My goal has been to make sure they at least brush morning and night and floss every now and then, maybe use some mouth wash. Since they don’t have a lot of cavities Read More

Class Parties and Potlucks

Your kid just came up and told you they need something for the class party today and you have no time to shop or make anything. What’s a quick, easy solution? Popcorn! Make a whole bucket of it. Last time I did this, I filled a three-gallon bucket I already had because it was for a Read More