5 Wordless Ways to Comfort Loved Ones

5 Wordless Ways to Comfort

We all want to comfort the ones we love, especially our children, when they are upset or stressed but not all parents, or all kids, are comfortable talking about feelings. For that matter, a lot of times kids genuinely don’t understand what is upsetting them. There are times that trying to force a conversation makes Read more

Do Your Parents Need Help?

Do Your Parents Need Help?

It’s a tough subject and one we all struggle with, but unless your parents die young, at some point they will need your help with day-to-day tasks. You probably won’t want to admit it when it first happens, and they almost certainly won’t, but waiting just makes it worse. Age is clearly a factor, but Read more

Having the First Responder Gene

Originally published on The Moderate Mom. How would you react in a disaster? Would / do you freeze, panic, or act? I don’t know what the term is, really, but I’ve always thought of it as having the First Responder Gene.  It doesn’t have anything to do with working as a First Responder – EMT Read more

Being Prepared for The Flu

Being Prepared for the Flu

Four weeks. FOUR WEEKS. *FOUR @#$@# WEEKS.* That’s how long one or more people in this house had the flu this year, and it was four continuous weeks. The flu shot didn’t help. There were relapses. Thankfully, there wasn’t a lot of diarrhea, puking, or other messes to clean up, but the exhaustion was overwhelming Read more

Explaining Grandparents to Kids

Explaining Grandparents to Kids

My kids are lucky. They have three grandparents who love them and are part of their lives. On one side, they have my mom, a woman who became a certified yoga instructor at 60, and my dad, who practically has to be tied down to stop him from working in the yard and around the house Read more

What to Do When Your Kid is Sick

What to Do When Your Kid Is Sick

I’m pretty sure we’re not the only family where Mom goes to all the pediatrician appointments. I’m sure there are also families where dad goes and Mom doesn’t. Either way, if you aren’t the parent who usually helps the sick kids, here is a short guide to what to do when your kid is sick. There’s Read more