Late Summer Gardening with Kids

Late Summer Gardening with Kids

As summer is drawing to a close, parents start to want to toss their kids out. Not to anywhere in particular, just away. Anything to stop the bickering, the fussing, and the “I’m bored” comments. It isn’t just you. At the same time, our bank accounts start screaming from the pain of vacations, camps, back Read more

Why Scouting is Great for Your Kid

Why Scouting is Great for Kids

I am a Scout. I was just at Scout camp last week. I have been one since first grade, and I will be until I die. Literally. When I turned 21, I paid for my lifetime membership in Girl Scouts. Naturally, we only have sons. So, my personal experience as a youth is in Girl Read more

National Parks ROCK!

National Parks Rock!

What do you and your family like to do? There’s a National Park for that! Your specific answer really doesn’t matter because there are hundreds of national parks for every possible interest, and they each have special events that cater to even more special interests. I grew up going to national parks and historical sites Read more

Getting Started Hiking as a Family

Getting Started Hiking as a Family

The Wise Dad and I both used to be active, but we’ve become more sedentary over the years. We both want to be more active and healthy (and lose weight), and we want our kids to be active and healthy so we’re trying to get more active, including hiking as a family. Going to the Read more

Playdates and Guns: Are You Asking the Right Questions?

Playdates and Guns: Are You Asking the Right Questions

I don’t know if you have seen it, but there a post made the rounds about a mom who was concerned that unsecured firearms might be laying around other people’s homes. The original poster is unwilling to let her kids play at anyone else’s home if they own a gun, unless she is satisfied that it Read more