New Traditions: Family Movie Night

New Traditions: Family Movie Night

We have a pile of unwatched movies and I bet you do too. They might be physical DVDs or Blurays, or they might be a virtual stack on NetFlix or Amazon Prime, but they sit there, taunting you, year after year. I got sick of it and instituted a family movie night. We take turns Read More

Second Run Theaters: Oft-Forgotten Gems

Second-Run Theaters: Oft-Forgotten Gems

Stop paying $15-$20 or more per person to see the newest stereotype-reinforcing pile of poo from the big studios, especially while it’s still new in the theater! You do have other movie choices. Buying, streaming or borrowing DVDs come to mind, but that isn’t the same as seeing something on the big screen. And no, that doesn’t mean Read More

Make Movie Choices That Don’t Reinforce Racism and Misogyny

Make Movie Choices That Don't Reinforce Racism and Misogyny

Read this article for more complete details, but the simple reality is that when Hattie McDaniels won an Oscar in 1939 for her role in Gone With the Wind, racism was so deeply ingrained in American life, and in every aspect of Hollywood, that the first black winner of an Oscar wasn’t even able to attend the premiere Read More