5 Wordless Ways to Comfort Loved Ones

5 Wordless Ways to Comfort

We all want to comfort the ones we love, especially our children, when they are upset or stressed but not all parents, or all kids, are comfortable talking about feelings. For that matter, a lot of times kids genuinely don’t understand what is upsetting them. There are times that trying to force a conversation makes Read more

Tips for Talking to Your Teen

Tips for Talking to Your Teen

Little kids want nothing more than to talk to mommy and daddy – sometimes a bit too much! But teens? We all know that changes in the teen years. You still see your baby even as they start driving, graduate, move out, and start their own life. Finding a balance between the baby you see Read more

33 Questions to Ask Your Dad

33 Questions To Ask Your Dad

Two weeks ago, my dad was healthy. Old (in his 80s, he won’t argue that point), but healthy. Within 24 hours, he was hospitalized and although he is home now, they never figured out what went wrong and he’s still not well. It’s the sort of thing that really makes you realize all the questions you Read more

Why Scouting is Great for Your Kid

Why Scouting is Great for Kids

I am a Scout. I was just at Scout camp last week. I have been one since first grade, and I will be until I die. Literally. When I turned 21, I paid for my lifetime membership in Girl Scouts. Naturally, we only have sons. So, my personal experience as a youth is in Girl Read more

Five Great Book Series’ that Grow with the Kids

Five Great Book Series' that Grow with the Kids

Kids outgrow everything so fast! Books are no exception. We have chosen five great book series’ that grow with the kids. Overall, they tend to be more reference or educational, but in a fun and interactive way. Think comic books, not textbooks. These books have lots of illustrations and are intended to make you think Read more

National Parks ROCK!

National Parks Rock!

What do you and your family like to do? There’s a National Park for that! Your specific answer really doesn’t matter because there are hundreds of national parks for every possible interest, and they each have special events that cater to even more special interests. I grew up going to national parks and historical sites Read more

Go Play in the Rain!

Go Play in the Rain!

Originally published on The Moderate Mom.  Seriously. The next time it rains, just go play in the rain with your kid. Heck, take a walk and enjoy it by yourself! You won’t melt, although your glasses may get water spots. Do you remember what it was like as a little kid? Little kids run in Read more

The Up-Side to Reality TV

The Up-Side to Reality TV

Originally published on The Moderate Mom.  Many people would disagree, but there is an up-side to reality TV. Clearly, there are far more edifying activities one can partake in than simply perching one’s posterior upon the divan and gazing at the “boob tube”.  But seriously, are we really that uptight? People need to relax their Read more

Getting Started Hiking as a Family

Getting Started Hiking as a Family

The Wise Dad and I both used to be active, but we’ve become more sedentary over the years. We both want to be more active and healthy (and lose weight), and we want our kids to be active and healthy so we’re trying to get more active, including hiking as a family. Going to the Read more