Kindness Challenge

Some kids were seemingly born kind. Then there’s the other 98%. The organization Kids for Peace has a Kindness Challenge. The goal is to simply be kinder to those around us. I love the idea! See what your family can come up with or try one of these suggestions. Compliment someone. Talk to someone who looks lonely. Do Read More

33 Questions to Ask Your Dad

33 Questions To Ask Your Dad

Two weeks ago, my dad was healthy. Old (in his 80s, he won’t argue that point), but healthy. Within 24 hours, he was hospitalized and although he is home now, they never figured out what went wrong and he’s still not well. It’s the sort of thing that really makes you realize all the questions you Read More

Why Barbie Isn’t a Terrible Role Model

Why Barbie isn't a Terrible Role Model

Barbie gets a bad rap from grown-ups because that don’t understand what little girls instinctively know: Barbie is a 3D paper doll, full stop. And that’s the crux of why Barbie isn’t a terrible role model: She isn’t a role model at all.  I learned a lot from Barbie playing with Barbies, but none of Read More

My Dad: The Belated Eagle

My Dad: The Belated Eagle Boy Scout Eagle Explorer Silver Award

I’m proud of my dad. I’m proud of my mom too, but today is his day. Sixty-four years ago, Dad earned an Eagle-equivalent award called the Explorer Silver Award, enlisted, moved away, and never received it. Today, he finally received it. Boy Scouts of America has recognized that more than a few no-longer-young men who Read More

Back To School Tech: Family Calendar Apps

Back To School Tech: Family Calendar Apps

I don’t hold with conspiracy theories that Google, Apple, Amazon or anyone else care what individuals are doing, but I am tired of feeling like I am supporting a few giant companies that keep swallowing up small businesses and getting bigger. I know I’m not alone in this but finding other choices can seem like too Read More

How To Have Cheap, Fast, Easy Romantic Staycation

How To Have Cheap, Fast, Easy Romantic Staycation

It’s no secret, getting away with kids can be so much work (and luggage) that it’s easier to just stay home, and getting away for a romantic weekend with your beloved can be twice that much work. The simple (and affordable) answer is a romantic staycation. You won’t even need a babysitter. Getting Ready Do Read More

Breastfeeding When You Are A Wet Nurse

Breastfeeding When You are a Wet Nurse

It may not be the oldest profession, but it’s gotta come close. No, not that one. Being a wet nurse. Wet nurses breastfeed babies who aren’t their own. Through much of history, wealthy families employed them to feed and take care of the children so the mom didn’t have to. But wet-nurses weren’t only for Read More

What Mom REALLY Wants for Mother’s Day

What Mom Really Wants for Mother's Day

Everyone tries to figure out what Mom really wants for Mother’s Day. New shoes? (Which shoes?) A spa day? (Which spa, and which treatments?) Books? (Which ones?) Breakfast in bed? (Made by the kids? What can they make that she will eat?) It’s really quite simple. It’s an inverse relationship to how much they see their kids Read More

Do Your Parents Need Help?

Do Your Parents Need Help?

It’s a tough subject and one we all struggle with, but unless your parents die young, at some point they will need your help with day-to-day tasks. You probably won’t want to admit it when it first happens, and they almost certainly won’t, but waiting just makes it worse. Age is clearly a factor, but Read More

Choosing Legal Guardians For Your Kids

choosing legal guardians for your kids

Choosing legal guardians is tough. Unlike being a godparent, a legal guardian is a legally recognized (and binding) relationship. Your kids will only ever have a legal guardian if you stop being able to be their parent or aren’t close enough to be there when they are needed, such as for medical care. Types of Read More

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