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Tips for Talking to Your Teen

Tips for Talking to Your Teen

Little kids want nothing more than to talk to mommy and daddy – sometimes a bit too much! But teens? We all know that changes in the teen years. You still see your baby even as they start driving, graduate, move out, and start their own life. Finding a balance between the baby you see Read More

10 GREAT Picture Books You’ve Never Heard Of

10 Great Picture Books You Never Heard Of

There are mountains, heaps, and masses of amazing picture books available today. No matter what your tyke is interested in or worried about, there is a picture book (or five) about it. Our personal collection of picture books included a larger-than-average number of books focused on art and artists. I am really at a loss to Read More

Why Barbie Isn’t a Terrible Role Model

Why Barbie isn't a Terrible Role Model

Barbie gets a bad rap from grown-ups because that don’t understand what little girls instinctively know: Barbie is a 3D paper doll, full stop. And that’s the crux of why Barbie isn’t a terrible role model: She isn’t a role model at all.  I learned a lot from Barbie playing with Barbies, but none of Read More

Handling A Lice Outbreak Like a Boss

Handling A Lice Outbreak Like a Boss

Lice are gross. We can all agree on that. And, like most gross things, they happen and there really isn’t a heck of a lot we can do about it. Sure, you can use shampoo to repel them and reduce the risk, but gross still happens. So how do you handle a lice outbreak like Read More

Five Great Book Series’ that Grow with the Kids

Five Great Book Series' that Grow with the Kids

Kids outgrow everything so fast! Books are no exception. We have chosen five great book series’ that grow with the kids. Overall, they tend to be more reference or educational, but in a fun and interactive way. Think comic books, not textbooks. These books have lots of illustrations and are intended to make you think Read More

Breastfeeding When You Are A Wet Nurse

Breastfeeding When You are a Wet Nurse

It may not be the oldest profession, but it’s gotta come close. No, not that one. Being a wet nurse. Wet nurses breastfeed babies who aren’t their own. Through much of history, wealthy families employed them to feed and take care of the children so the mom didn’t have to. But wet-nurses weren’t only for Read More

Why Elementary Schools Should Allow PG Movies

Why Elementary Schools Should Show PG Movies

I feel strongly that elementary schools should allow PG movies, especially for PTO events and school field trips (on the tour buses). Why? One word: Frozen. It’s PG for “some action and mild rude humor.” I am not making that up. Schools won’t allow kids to watch many of the most popular movies for kids because of the Read More

Stranger Danger: Who to Ask For Help

Stranger Danger: Who to Ask for Help

We all know to teach kids about “stranger danger” when they are little, but do they really know what to do if they need help and they can’t find someone they know and trust? Telling them to “find help” is really easy, but actually talking to an adult and asking them for help is not Read More

Flying with a Toddler

Flying with a Toddler

Flying with a toddler is hard! There are no two ways about it, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Other passengers will always run the gamut from understanding, even helpful, to complete jerks. No one thinks it’s fun to fly with a cranky or crying little person, whether it’s your own or someone Read More

Beyond Stranger Danger: Cults and Social Isolation

Beyond Stranger Danger: Cults and Social Isolation

We start teaching our kids about stranger danger when they are toddler so most know they shouldn’t get in a car with a stranger or take candy from one. If your “little one” is now a black belt with some serious unarmed self-defense skills or a 200-pound linebacker, you may have stopped worrying about stranger Read More

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