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Cardboard Castles for Kids and Cats

Cardboard Castles for Kids and Cats

Cardboard boxes. In our home, they are like some kind of fungus that reproduces and spreads everywhere when no one is looking. The adults try to recycle them as fast as possible but the kids and cats want to keep them. What’s a parent to do?

Turn them into cardboard castles! If you have large ones, you can create full-on castles or houses for little ones. If you have smaller ones, smaller pets will have a ball exploring a smaller scale castle, house, or maze. The key to avoid losing all your free space to the wonderful new construction is simple velcro. Buy a roll. When it’s time to put the castle away, fold it flat. When it’s time to use it, reattach the velco. Viola! It’s such a very brilliant solution to a common parenting problem.


The Moderate Mom and the Wise Dad have two sons, who are currently in middle and high school. She has published half a dozen books including "The Constitution: It's the OS for the US", a YA zombie series, and a series on survival skills (including laundry, hygiene, and budgeting, as well as outdoor and emergency skills). She also blogs on TheModerateMom.com and contributes to TheSurvivalMom.com.

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