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Guest bloggers are people who post rarely, or possibly only once. They have something to contribute but for some reason aren't regular contributors, and that's OK too. On occasion, they may also be regular contributors who have chosen to be anonymous for a certain post. The bottom of their posts will provide a little bit about them.

Raising Healthier Kids

Raising Healthier Kids

Guest post by Vasilis Stefanou of Even though I’m not a father, I dislike the idea that most of the kids in our days are raised in unhealthy ways and by the time they reach their teenage years have multiple health problems because of the living they are used to have. Why is that the case Read More

Breastfeeding When You Are A Wet Nurse

Breastfeeding When You are a Wet Nurse

It may not be the oldest profession, but it’s gotta come close. No, not that one. Being a wet nurse. Wet nurses breastfeed babies who aren’t their own. Through much of history, wealthy families employed them to feed and take care of the children so the mom didn’t have to. But wet-nurses weren’t only for Read More