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Why Scouting is Great for Your Kid

Why Scouts is Great for Your Kid

I am a Scout. I have been one since first grade, and I will be until I die. Literally. When I turned 21, I paid for my lifetime membership in Girl Scouts. Naturally, we only have sons. So, my personal experience as a youth is in Girl Scouts, but my kids are Boy Scouts. I Read More

Gift Guide: Adult Coloring Books and Colored Pencils

Gift Buying: Adult Coloring Books and Colored Pencils

From baby's first scribbles to DaVinci's sculptures, there is a huge continuum in what is art. Most of us don't progress very far on that continuum, but the new generation of adult coloring books and colored pencils let us feel like we have. The thing I love about it is that no matter what your Read More

Five Great Book Series’ that Grow with the Kids

Five Great Book Series' that Grow with the Kids

Kids outgrow everything so fast! Books are no exception. We have chosen five great book series' that grow with the kids. Overall, they tend to be more reference or educational, but in a fun and interactive way. Think comic books, not textbooks. These books have lots of illustrations and are intended to make you think Read More

How To Have Cheap, Fast, Easy Romantic Staycation

How To Have Cheap, Fast, Easy Romantic Staycation

It's no secret, getting away with kids can be so much work (and luggage) that it's easier to just stay home, and getting away for a romantic weekend with your beloved can be twice that much work. The simple (and affordable) answer is a romantic staycation. You won't even need a babysitter. Do you have Read More

Breastfeeding When You Are A Wet Nurse

Breastfeeding When You are a Wet Nurse

It may not be the oldest profession, but it's gotta come close. No, not that one. Being a wet nurse. Wet nurses breastfeed babies who aren't their own. Through much of history, wealthy families employed them to feed and take care of the children so the mom didn't have to. But wet-nurses weren't only for Read More

What Mom REALLY Wants for Mother’s Day

What Mom Really Wants for Mother's Day

Everyone tries to figure out what Mom really wants for Mother's Day. New shoes? (Which shoes?) A spa day? (Which spa, and which treatments?) Books? (Which ones?) Breakfast in bed? (Made by the kids? What can they make that she will eat?) It's really quite simple. It's an inverse relationship to how much they see their kids Read More

Discussing Hot-Button Topics

Discussing Hot-Button Topics

Originally published on The Moderate Mom. "Never discuss politics and religion" is reasonable advice for day to day harmony, because the topics bring out such strong feelings, but it has led to some unpleasant long-term side effects. People truly do not understand how people can have different belief than they do because people do not Read More

Why Elementary Schools Should Allow PG Movies

Why Elementary Schools Should Show PG Movies

I feel strongly that elementary schools should allow PG movies, especially for PTO events and school field trips (on the tour buses). Why? One word: Frozen. It's PG for "some action and mild rude humor." I am not making that up. Schools won't allow kids to watch many of the most popular movies for kids because of the Read More

Make New Friends

Make New Friends

The song Make New Friends was woven into the fabric of my youth by its ubiquity in Girl Scouts. I have always loved the sentiment, which I have always taken to mean older friends are more valuable. As adults, this is so much more important. It's easy to focus all your time and energy on your Read More

Do Your Parents Need Help?

Do Your Parents Need Help?

It's a tough subject and one we all struggle with, but unless your parents die young, at some point they will need your help with day-to-day tasks. You probably won't want to admit it when it first happens, and they almost certainly won't, but waiting just makes it worse. Age is clearly a factor, but Read More